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Intelligent Logistics Equipment Factory in the New Era
The Zhi-Xin Technology Industrial Park is located in the Daye Lake High-Tech Zone in Daye City, Hubei Province. Positioned as a high-end logistics equipment and robotics industrial park in Central China, it covers an area exceeding 100 acres. With newly constructed factory buildings and facilities totaling approximately 68,000 square meters and an overall investment surpassing 350 million yuan, the park has upgraded and expanded its core product lines of flexible sorting, flexible handling, and flexible storage systems. The first phase of the industrial park has successfully commenced operations, featuring production and assembly workshops for heavy-duty pallet trucks, box-type picking trucks, and omnidirectional picking trucks, as well as testing workshops. Upon completion of Phase II, the project is expected to achieve an annual output value of 1 billion yuan, aiming to realize the aggregation of upstream and downstream industries through a smart logistics integration platform and a digital supply chain execution platform.
The ASR series products seamlessly integrate intelligent robots with shelving systems, embodying the concept of "software-defined hardware." Through robot technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, they offer customers solutions that enhance flexibility, increase storage density, and optimize inventory and operational efficiency. These automated solutions value in various scenarios, including smart warehousing, smart factories, smart retail, and smart healthcare.
01 Moqian Series– Heavy-Duty Pallet Quad-Directional Vehicle

The Moqian pallet shuttle vehicle is designed for compactness, low noise, high load capacity, stable movement, and precise positioning to cater to various scenarios. To date, six different models have been developed: ultra-thin vehicle, flat rail vehicle, high-low rail vehicle, high humidity and low temperature vehicle, cold storage vehicle, and custom-designed vehicles.

02 Tianju Series– Box-Type Bi/Quad-Directional Shuttle Vehicle

The Tianju box-type shuttle vehicle is used in a variety of picking scenarios, offering flexible scheduling, efficient storage, and extendibility. Equipped with supercapacitors for rapid charging during loading and unloading, it moves at a speed of 4m/s, akin to an ultra-high-speed elevator, making its picking efficiency 4-6 times that of manual labor.

03 Sprite Series – Omnidirectional Box-Type Picking Robot

The Sprite series, with its integrated lifting device and single-layer guide rails, enables omnidirectional movement in six-dimensional space. A single point combined with one track can serve multiple shelf layers, providing a new-generation solution for multi-layer shelf picking and handling.

04 Panstone Series – Box-Type Elevator

The Panstone series includes heavy and light elevators, all controlled by high-speed servo motors for precise operation. They facilitate the entry and exit operations of pallets, bins, and ASR robots, as well as layer-changing tasks, offering high flexibility and efficient integration with shuttle vehicles.

Electronic Control System
Holographic Perception, Intelligent Dispatch Center
ZhiXin Technology has a professional and service-oriented intelligent control software team, dedicated to the development and project delivery of intelligent device control systems, offering tailored services to meet each client's specific needs.
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