Culture doesn't see and believe, but it believes and sees
It was by assembling a group of partners who shared the vision and strategy that Plog was able to grow rapidly

Mission To create satisfying logistics solutions

The mission answers "Why does the enterprise exist?"

We are dedicated to providing customers with a warm logistics experience through professional leading technology services, boosting customer value growth, and fostering mutual trust for peace of mind and satisfaction.

Vision The preferred global partner for smart supply chains.

The vision addresses the question of "What do we aim to become?" outlining the company's future development blueprint.

We study industry trends, lead smart logistics transformations, adhere to long-termism, and accompany global customers with a care-driven service philosophy to realize the intelligent value of the supply chain.

Values Diligence Resilience Excellence

Innovation, Unity, and Co-creation. These are the driving forces behind Prolog partners, embodying a commitment to service, innovation, collaboration, and professionalism that delivers real results, becoming a powerful force and providing customers with continuously valuable services, thereby fulfilling our business value.

Purpose For Professionalism For Pustomers For Happiness

We enhance talent through comprehensive training, invest in R&D for better products, and delve into the industry for more professional solutions;

We consider problems from the customer's perspective, continuously evolving with advanced digital logistics technologies and experiences, and offer a unique service system for the full lifecycle of logistics;

We encourage partners to grow through their work, achieve mutual success with customers and partners, fulfill our mission, and realize individual values and aspirations, making your passion for work a part of happiness.

Our Mascot

Our mascot

I am Apu, never giving up on dreams.

Culture is practiced and created by all partners, and my birth is the best evidence of this.

As Prolog's mascot, my creation was eagerly anticipated. To give me a lovable and perfectly charming image, Prolog launched a company-wide creative contest. Partners used various drawing tools to sketch their vision of me.

The contest produced hundreds of entries, with technology, futurism, and approachability being the consensus for my design elements, forming my DNA. It was then suggested that a robot could represent Prolog's technological aspect, with intelligence and a futuristic feel, while a whale, the king of the ocean, symbolizes the vast and powerful force of our logistics industry. Combining these images, recreated by a professional artist, resulted in my current form. This is my story—Apu's story.

I am Apu, never giving up on dreams.

Culture is practiced and created by all partners, and my birth is the best evidence of this.



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