Intelligent Equipment
Making Intelligence More Stable

Turntable Device

Reliable operation, customizable flexibility With years of relevant R&D and operational experience, Prolog is capable of flexibly utilizing various warehouse software and automation equipment to provide customers with one-stop logistics and supply chain services.

Spiral Conveyor

Simple structure, easy maintenance Ensures more stable operation of the transport conveyor line with flexible solutions, making efficient use of storage space through curved connections.

Box Conveyor Line

Enhances efficiency and improves goods turnover speed Utilizes customizable containers as the transportation medium, with various mechanical devices working together to achieve goods conveyance.

Box Elevator

Small footprint, saves operational space Used for vertical conveyance, with multiple chains operating independently for storage. Spiral layers, layer height, and exit direction are designed according to actual needs. Mechanical protection is provided between each relatively moving part of the device and at the entry and exit points of the workpieces, with dual safety protection from the control system and mechanical structure, ensuring safer equipment operation.

Pallet Elevator

Flexible and efficient, fast access speed Facilitates automated storage and retrieval operations in high-low transport tasks within warehouses, making storage transmission more convenient.

Pallet Conveyor Line

Saves time and effort, reduces labor intensity Mainly composed of rollers, supports, pallets, transmission, and drive devices, achieving multi-variety inline divergent conveyance.


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