Intelligent Equipment
Making Intelligence More Stable

Shuttle boards

A combination of dense storage and automation Shuttle boards utilize a PLC control system as the core, monitoring the current operational status through various sensors.

Stacker cranes

High degree of automation and stability Also known as stacker machines, these use forks or rods for picking, transporting, and stacking or retrieving unit loads from high-level shelves in warehouses and workshops, a distinctive feature of high-bay warehouses.

Box Shuttle Cars

Flexible and high-density storage The Core Box multi-shuttle system is an intelligent storage and transport system that integrates spot rail changing, automatic handling, intelligent monitoring, and dynamic traffic control

Heavy-Duty Pallet Shuttle Cars

Fast, accurate, and slim The body thickness is only 126mm, maximizing space savings; with an unloaded speed of 2 meters/second and a loaded speed of 1.7 meters/second, it ensures fast transportation efficiency; with a rated load of 1.2 tons, it meets over 90% of pallet weight transport needs in the industry

Omnidirectional Box Picking Robot

Six-Dimensional Coverage, Point-to-Surface Used in warehouses storing goods in turnover boxes or original boxes, combining driving, lifting, and storage functions to achieve all-around coverage of three-dimensional storage spaces, thus fulfilling the storage and batch handling functions for turnover boxes or original boxes.

Omnidirectional Pallet Picking Robot

Six-Dimensional Precise Movement, Four-Dimensional Independent Loading and Unloading For entire pallet goods, it eliminates the need for transitional picking out of storage, saving handling steps. Through EIS cluster control, it precisely addresses batch orders to the pallet, grabs goods out of storage online, realizing dense in-warehouse automation and unmanned piece-picking, turning storage space into picking space to meet 24-hour warehouse operation demands.

Box Elevator

High-Speed Layer Changing Transports boxes vertically, completing reciprocal lifting.

Shuttle Car Elevator

Smooth and Efficient Transports shuttle cars vertically, facilitating the layer changing of shuttle cars.


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